PRESERVING MEME / with the help of the travellers box

26th May. ’11

Preserving MEME / the travellers box – MEMENDS CELEBRATION, MEME, Cambridge, Ma, May 21, 2011

Inside the Travellers Box is seven jars filled with remnants of different MEME events from the past two years. Cards, Flexib’s dust from his piece, pieces of sponge we have wiped and cleaned the space with many times, Lalie’s courage / security coins, Asuka’s fundraiser prints, pieces of the bandanas worn at Street Museum, one of Lewis’s language generator trials…through out the night I watch, and choose seven people to give them to. Jacy, Maria, Tim, Mark, Sandrine, the unknown fella, and Caliopia. MEME will be preserved. Forever. The Travellers Box is empty. It enjoys the rest of the celebration with the many, many people that come and dance, talk, watch. Preserved forever.

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Preserving MEME / Travellers Box – May 21st, 2011

9th Apr. ’11

Come to MEMENDS on May 21st at MEME Gallery, 55 Norfolk St., Cambridge, Ma to see how the T. Box has helped to preserve all the wonderful things that have happened over the last two years at MEME.

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a few shots of the travellers box and its travels with lokönenie

29th Dec. ’10
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The Boston Box will be traveling across the country…

9th Dec. ’10

Beginning Spring 2011 the Traveller’s Box will begin to travel around the country so watch for calls in your area. The box will be New England till June 30th, Colorado between July 1st and August 31th and Pittsburgh from September 1st to December 31st.

Our first exhibition of finished projects and documentation will be May 1st at MEME gallery in Cambridge, MA.

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Tarp production

22nd Apr. ’10

A few production shots of the Lokönenie tarp. We’ll soon be ready to take our country in a box out into the world…

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22nd Mar. ’10

The Travellers Box – Boston is currently seeking proposals for collaborative projects that use The Travellers Box or its contents to explore and engage relations between artists, their practice and process. Artists are encouraged to interpret broadly ideas of public and private, identity construction and various forms of social interactions. The only stipulation is that The Travellers Box (the object) or its contents must appear in the overall work or the documentation of your project.

Please submit a proposal of 500 words or less that addresses the following:

* How you intend to use the travellers box or its contents and how you will document the project
* Artist(s) can work with the box from 1 week to 3 months. Please state how long you would like to request the box.
* The collaborative process is seen as a form of work in itself. Please speak about the role of collaboration in your intended project.

Additional information required:

* CV and brief bio
* 10-20 images of past work (jpgs no larger than 1024×768)

Please send your proposals and supplementary material to:, include The Travellers Box Proposal in the subject line.

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Production on the Lokönenie flag and tarp have begun

16th Mar. ’10

As promised a images of the final design for the flag, tarp, and patch.

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After some Green Chili and a trip to Providence

16th Mar. ’10

We’ve gotten the box repaired after removing a misaligned rivet and replacing 5 missing ones, oh and bending a corner back into shape that must have taken quite a whack during shipping. Anyway after getting a little help from our friend, artist and furniture maker Tucker Houlihan the box is as good as new!

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19th Feb. ’10

So the preliminary work and planning has begun on Lokönenie: Place Nowhere, an open source nation. As we develop its narrative, history, and artifacts we’ll post them, so to get the ball rolling here are a few sketches and notes. Stay tuned for our next post to see the finished flag, tarp and patch designs.

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The Travellers Box made it to Boston!

19th Feb. ’10

After making its long journey over the big pond the box made it to Boston, mostly unscathed. So work has begun on Lokönenie, Boston’s first Travellers Box collaboration, as well as a few minor repairs to the box itself.

Lokönenie, an open source nation, is being developed by the WRMC Collaborative as part of ProjectSoya. We will be working with the box for the next 3 months, documenting its use as well as the process of developing an open source nation.

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  • History of the project

    Box project started back in 2004 and has undergone various changes under way from The Travellers Secret Box to The Sandwich Box for new inscription in form of The Travellers Box which includes The International Box and The Local Box. Behind the box project is a working group, several co-curators and a lot of artists who have contributed and continue to contribute to the project with art works. The box project was founded by Danish Artist and curator Lars Vilhelmsen.